DolphiniOS FAQ

Last updated: 08/29/2020

Question: How do I install this?
Answer: You can find instructions on how to install DolphiniOS here.

Question: Can you install this without a jailbreak?
Answer: NEW: DolphiniOS version 3.1.0 (currently in Patreon beta) supports iOS 12.0 to iOS 13.6. Please note that the non-jailbroken version is slower than the jailbroken versions, though newever devices run most games full speed. iOS 14 is not supported at this time.

Question: How do I add games?
Answer: Press the + button in the top right. If you want to add them manually, then put them in /var/mobile/Documents/DolphiniOS/Software for jailbroken users, or -> On my iPhone / iPad -> DolphiniOS -> Software for non-jailbroken users.

Question: Can I add cheats?
Answer: NEW: Basic cheat support is added in 3.1.0 (currently in Patreon beta). The guide to add cheats on older versions can be found here here.

Question: Can I add custom textures?
Answer: Yes! Jack has written a super helpful guide here.

Question: Why is there is no DolphiniOS in your Cydia repo?
Answer: Remove other emulator repos you have and it will appear.

Question: Can I change the layout of the virtual buttons?
Answer: Not at this time, no.

Question: Why is there no audio?
Answer: Make sure that silent mode isn't enabled.

Question: Does online work?
Answer: Yes, if you have a NAND dumped from a real Wii, you can play online on the unofficial Wiimmfi servers.

Question: Can I connect a Wiimote?
Answer: Not yet, but it's planned. No ETA.

Question: How do I delete games?
Answer: You can swipe left on a game in the list to reveal a delete button. If you want to delete games manually, use Filza (jailbroken) or (non-jailbroken). See above for the games folder's location.

Question: Why am I getting "improper install" when I am jailbroken?
Answer: The AltStore version is for non jailbroken devices. If you are jailbroken, use the Cydia repo.

Question: How do you fix "Failed to map enough memory space: 0x3”?
Answer: Use AltStore to install DolphiniOS.

Question: What is dynamic-codesigning? Is it safe?
Answer: dynamic-codesigning is a special permission given to some official Apple apps, like Safari, which allows them to use JIT and access large amounts of memory. DolphiniOS needs this permission for its own JIT and to speed up emulation of the GC/Wii RAM. It is safe. DolphiniOS cannot access other app data.

Question: Is this project open source?
Answer: Yes it is! You can find the source code here. Note that the branch name is called ios-jb but both versions, jailbroken and non-jailbroken, are included in this branch.

Question: Where can I report issues or feature suggestions?
Answer: Issues and feature suggestions can be reported here.

Question: Is there an Apple TV app?
Answer: Not as of right now, no.

Question: Which iOS versions are supported?
Answer: NEW: DolphiniOS version 3.1.0 (currently in Patreon beta) supports iOS 12.0 to iOS 13.6 on the non-jailbroken version. If you are jailbroken, then any iOS version is compatible as long as it's higher than 12.0 and can be jailbroken.

Question: When will this support iOS 13.5 or higher on non-jailbroken devices?
Answer: Not any time soon. If you want DolphiniOS, either jailbreak your device or stay on 13.4.1.

Question: Can you play with a keyboard?
Answer: Not as of right now, no.

Question: What files format does DolphiniOS support?
Answer: All GC/Wii files (.elf, .dol, .gcm, .iso, .tgc, .wbfs, .ciso, .gcz, .wad, .dff, .m3u).

Question: Why are games so slow on my iPhone 11 / 11 Pro / 11 Pro Max / SE 2?
Answer: There is an issue with devices with A13 chips on the jailbroken version. The only workaround is to downgrade to DolphiniOS 2.1.1 at this time. If you encounter this issue on a non-jailbroken device please contact us.

Question: How do I get the Patrons role on Discord?
Answer: After joining our Patreon, you can link your Patreon account with Discord. Here is a guide by Patreon:

Question: Do zou support local multiplayer/netplay?
Answer: Not as of right now, no.

Question: Is iOS 14 supported?
Answer: iOS 14 is currently not supported.

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